Benefits Dates For Maternal Health, Fetus and Newborn

Dates are one of the fruits that come from the Middle East countries namely Arabic. Dates have a sweet taste and can only be grown in areas that have a hot climate such as Arabic. Although it is small, but it turned out very well for the health of dates.

The benefits of dates very much, especially for pregnant women and fetus. In dates contain many vitamins and minerals which can certainly maintain health during pregnancy.

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Benefits Dates For Maternal Health, Fetus and Newborn

There are many benefits of dates for health , especially for pregnant women. Dates are one type of fruit that is recommended for consumption during pregnancy. Here are the benefits of dates for the health of pregnant women and fetuses.

1. Increase energy

Dates contain glucose very much and good for the body. Glucose content is what to buy energy in the body being active. Dates can improve and increase energy in the body, especially for pregnant women. Nutrition of dates can provide energy to pregnant women in performing everyday activities.

2. Good to stimulate nerves

The content of potassium contained in dates can enhance the stimulation of the nerves. By eating dates can increase the intelligence of the brain and sharpen memory. These benefits are very good for children and also nourish the fetus in the womb of pregnant women. The fetus will be more responsive and smarter soon after birth.

3. Stronger bones

Not only for pregnant women, dates are also very beneficial for the health of the baby. The benefits of dates for babies that can strengthen bones. When still a baby is certainly very fragile body bone. By taking these dates, the bone on the baby will be strong. Babies of course can not chew its own so it should be of intermediate milk. If it can eat, give dates that have been mashed.

4. Assist in the formation of teeth

In addition to strengthen bones, the benefits of dates for the fetus that may help shape the teeth. Calcium is a lot in the palm fruit is very good for stimulating the growth of teeth in the fetus. In order for children fast-growing teeth, the mother should consume dates while being pregnant.

5. Overcome Anemia

The content of sugar in dates can not only be used as an energy boost but also to overcome anemia. Anemia or blood deficiency can be caused by many factors. By adding sugar intake at each meal can overcome the symptoms of anemia arising.

6. Maintain digestive health

Maternity benefits of dates for the most that can be overcome and maintain digestive health. During pregnancy is often experienced is the disruption of the digestive system. By eating dates, pregnant women do not need to worry anymore with digestive problems.

Dates are a native fruit of the Arab plains are rich in many vitamins and minerals that are not owned by any other fruit.

The content of pure sugar in dates is the first high compared to other fruits, it is not wrong to date provides many benefits to the body. The benefits of dates for a body very much, especially for pregnant women. Pregnant women are advised minimal eat the palm fruit every day so that the fetus and the body is always healthy.

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