Design Lighting at Home

The lighting in the home can be one of the noteworthy things. The room is too bright or too dark can sometimes be unpleasant. Therefore, home lighting needs to be arranged in such a way that you feel comfortable and feel at home. For that, let’s look at a few tips from the experts on how to create the ideal lighting for every room: Jasa Desain Rumah Bogor

1. Living Room

The lighting in the living room should use bright lights and white light for the living room has a size large . Therefore, bright lighting will make the atmosphere to be pleasant. Large lamp combined with a lamp fan favorite ones used by the public. Design lamp to be very artistic and appealing to the eye.

2. kitchen

The kitchen is a place to perform various activities in connection with cooking. Lighting in the kitchen should use a spotlight is bright enough so you can cook more freely and clearly.

3. Bathroom

If your bathroom is not too big, then you can use a lamp with a small size that is not too wasteful electricity. However, if the area your bathroom is large enough, then you should use brighter lights to get maximum illumination.

4. Workspace

Just as in the kitchen, you need a bright spotlight because you only need to focus light at a point where you use to study or work.

5. Bedroom

The lighting in the bedroom for most people usually use a rather dim lights during sleep because you’re more likely to fall asleep when the lights in dim conditions. But also make sure if the light can illuminate the whole room so as not to interfere with other activities.

6. Corridor

Lamps used in corridors usually a rather dim, but the large and artistically since these parts can make a house look beautiful sparkling with the use of the right light.

That is some design lighting in homes that are worth your attention. Using lighting appropriate to the site can add beauty to your home. To make sure that you are choosing the right lamp for every room in your house.

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