Challenges Associated With Migration of Telecom Billing System

Large scale organizations and MNCs providing communications services may require migration of the telecom billing system because of various factors. Many of the most typical factors influencing such demands include mergers, acquisitions, legal requirements, system enhancements and technical requirements. However, migration of the entire system Isn‘t an easy task. It‘s many challenges that needs to be properly evaluated, analyzed and overcome.
Mentioned here are 5 most critical challenges related to the migration of the communication service providers telecom billing solution.
Complexity of Data : Long existing legacy systems usually undergo lots of changes which helps make the data and system in general too complex. These changes result in the billing data too heterogeneous to become successfully migrated through normal migration tools and technologies. Some customization will certainly be required inside the migration tool to successfully achieve the desired results.
Data Interpretation : Legacy systems lack the presence of the product hierarchy. Further, the data resides in multiple systems therefore it becomes very hard to obtain a 360 degree view of the customer. When the new system doesn‘t allow certain things and also the previous one did then There‘ll be issues after migration.
Customer Experience : Like the data being migrated is extremely complex and historical in nature therefore there are a lot of issues in implementing migration upon the telecom billing software. Maintaining a similar degree of customer satisfaction is really a real challenge after migration as individuals are always against changes. They get comfortable in doing things inside a particular way and any alterations in it might not be studied nicely.
Degree Of Required Customization : High degree of customization is required in migration of telecom billing systems because of the complex nature of data. When the required customization gets too heavy or complex then it may be an issue.
Synchronization : Perhaps one of the biggest issues that‘s faced by communication service providers while system migration is the matter of data synchronization in new system. The entire process is needed to be performed very efficiently to avoid any data synchronization issues.
The Downtime Of System : The telecom billing solutions are kept down throughout the migration process. When the downtime is just too long then it might result in delays in rating and bill generation processes which should directly impact the productivity from the business.
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Migration of your respective telecom billing system is an big step which should be very carefully performed. Ensure that you‘re partnering using the right service provider for the requirements like a telecom billing software is really a critical section of your company which should be handled with maximum preciseness.

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